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Why are there more stores with profiles than stores that sell online on Blist?

Hello everyone!

Today, we're going to address a common question that comes our way: why are there more businesses listed only as profiles rather than stores selling their products or services on Blist? The answer is quite simple: it's all tied to our strategy!

First Diversity, then Sales

Our strategy is clear: first, we want to catalog as many businesses as possible so that users have a wide variety of resources from the first day they enter the app. We want you, the user, to feel that there are abundant options, and that you can find practically any Brazilian service or product you're looking for.

Value Creation Comes First

Here at Blist, we believe that the best way to build a solid and lasting relationship is to offer value first. To us, value is more than a commercial transaction - it's building a community, creating opportunities, facilitating connections. Value is the difference we make in the life of each entrepreneur who chooses to be on our platform. Value is the difference we make for you, the user, by offering the convenience of finding Brazilian products and services.

We want to support Brazilian entrepreneurs in their journey, directing them to new customers even before offering a paid plan. This is how we build trust and partnership. Because we firmly believe in the idea that "we only win when everyone wins."

This is the essence of our business model and our top priority. We are here to boost each partner, each user, each member of our community. When you grow, we grow.


Now you know! Our value-focused approach means that you will find a wide variety of businesses listed on Blist. And as more entrepreneurs see the value we bring, you can expect to see even more stores opening and selling their products or services on the app.

Until next time, folks! And remember: Blist is here to connect the Brazilian community in the USA, offering as much value as possible to everyone! We're on this journey together, and together, we are stronger.

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