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The No. 1 app for finding Brazilian services and products in the United States.

Try it. Download the app today.

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Prédios altos


O aplicativo que está transformando a maneira que os brasileiros divulgam seus negócios nos EUA.


Brazil closer to you.

Everything you are looking for in a single app.

If you are far from Brazil and miss the flavors, colors, and essence of Brazil, Blist was created for you. With our app, Brazil is now within reach of your hands. Here, you can find authentic Brazilian products and services offered by Brazilians living in the United States. It's like having a little piece of Brazil, wherever you may be.



Service providers who speak your language.

At Blist, we value effective communication. Here, you can find service providers who speak Portuguese, eliminating language barriers and ensuring clear and uncomplicated interaction.

Brazilian products delivered to your home.

At Blist, we have what you desire from Brazilian culture just a few clicks away. We offer a variety of authentic products delivered right to your door. Download Blist and satisfy your longing for Brazil without leaving home.

Promote your business and gain new customers.

Blist is the perfect platform for Brazilian entrepreneurs to expand their businesses in the United States. Here, you gain visibility, reach new customers, and strengthen your presence in the American market.

How the app works


Organized Categories to Make Your Search Easier

At Blist, we know that time is valuable. That's why we make your search easier by organizing all businesses into specific categories. Whether you're looking for Brazilian food, doctors, events, or professional services, we have dedicated categories for each. With just a few clicks, you can find exactly what you need, saving time and effort.

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Buy through the app and receive at home

At Blist, comfort is taken seriously. That's why we make your purchasing process easy: choose the products you want, place the order directly through the app, and let our partners take care of everything. They prepare and send your order right to your home. With Blist, you have Brazil at your fingertips without leaving home. Experience the convenience of shopping with Blist today!

Sobre nós

Our story

Guided by the belief that everyone can grow

Blist was created with you in mind, seeking a closer connection to Brazilian products and services in the United States. This app was born from the union of three advertisers who wished to support Brazilian entrepreneurs, while at the same time providing you with easier access to everything our culture has to offer.


Since its launch, Blist quickly stood out as the primary choice for those seeking Brazilian authenticity in the United States. With it, you have at your disposal an easy-to-use platform that connects you to a multitude of Brazilian services and products.


Blist represents more than just a simple app; it's a gateway to Brazil right in your pocket and a tool for empowering Brazilian entrepreneurs living in the United States. Explore this new era of opportunities and discover how Blist can bring you closer to Brazil, even when far from home.


Satisfied customers

"I always missed having a place where I could find products and services from our land in a simple and organized way. With Blist, I can do that with just a few clicks. It's amazing how they managed to bring together so many Brazilian businesses in one place!"

João Felipe

"The convenience of having Brazilian products delivered directly to my home is unparalleled. With Blist, I can satisfy my longing for Brazil, ordering everything from food to crafts. It's a true connection with our country, even being so far away."

Ana Luiza

"I always wanted to promote my bikinis to a larger community, and Blist gave me that opportunity. In just a few weeks of using it, I can say that I already have new customers, and little by little, I'm really seeing my business grow."

Magda Silva

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