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Explore the Blist Plans: Find the Ideal One to Boost Your Business

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

1. Perfil no Blist' Plan - Free:

Objective: Ideal for new businesses or those just beginning to explore their online presence.


  • Highlighted profile in the Blist app, increasing visibility.

  • Direct links to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, website, phone, and address, facilitating communication and location.

Advantages: Immediate and free access to a digital platform with a wide user base, perfect for building brand recognition.

2. Sua Loja no Blist' Plan - Free (10% commission on sales):

Objective: For businesses ready to expand their online sales operations.


  • Includes all the benefits of the 'Perfil no Blist' plan.

  • Online store with the capacity to list up to 30 items, ideal for showcasing a selected range of products.

  • Verified Store badge, increasing consumer trust.

  • Highlight in Google searches, improving online visibility.

  • Customization with logo and banner, allowing a unique brand.

  • Card payments, facilitating transactions.

  • Order and delivery management, simplifying daily operations.

Advantages: Increase in online sales with improved visibility and simplified management, at a low initial cost.

3. 'Premium Venda Mais' Plan - US$29/month (no sales commissions):

Objective: For established businesses seeking to maximize sales, visibility, and efficiency.


  • All the benefits of the previous plans.

  • Order and delivery manager, and integrated financial system, offering a complete e-commerce solution.

  • Limit of 30 listed items, focusing on businesses with more selected catalogs.

Advantages: Ideal for businesses looking for a complete solution with efficient management, greater profitability (no commissions), and premium visibility.

Important: Not recommended for e-commerces or businesses with many SKUs due to the 30-item limit.

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